Harvard Medical School Professor of Surgery unterstützt AGT international


Wir haben einen neuen Unterstützer im Englischen Sprachraum; Professor of Surgery, Steven J. Mentzer, MD, Harvard Medical School:
“I fully support the EAT Project because of its unique approach to this very important social issue. First, the Project engages the energy, enthusiasm and idealism of medical students. The success of the EAT Project in engaging medical students offers the promise of change that will resonate throughout the professional lives of these young doctors. Second, the Project focuses on prevention in 10 to 16 year old adolescents. Because medical students can make real connections with this vulnerable age group, we have an opportunity to influence attitudes in these youths (and their families) for a lifetime. Third, the connections between 10-16 year and medical students are based not on stale adult marketing campaigns, but on real issues for adolescents. Furthermore, the focus of the EAT Project on assessment and feedback will ensure that the Project will maintain its relevance and effectiveness. Finally, the EAT Project has already demonstrated to participating medical students that individual doctors, bound by a common vision, can make a substantial and enduring impact on their communities and the world.”
More Info: www.educationtobacco.org